Thursday, June 9, 2011

Opinions needed

OK, Ya'll.  I need some opinions.

I am going over and over in my mind about selling my book vs self publishing.


Of course there are pros and cons to both.  My biggest pro towards self publishing is the freedom.  I get to publish a book and have it be inexpensive for the reader and still have freedom to be a mom, not worry about doing book tours.  (As amazing as that sounds and something I hope to do someday, the truth is as a mother of three young ens I am not at that place right now)  But, I will not let that stop my dream of having people fall in love with my characters. 

BUT, being a traditional author, ahhh, what an amazing thing to be. 

Tell me what you think?  I need some advice from other pros!


Matthew MacNish said...

I don't intend to self publish until I have at least proved to myself that I can succeed by going the traditional route.

Laura Marcella said...

I don't know! I'm all for traditional publishing, but I'm really not anywhere close to publication anyway. So I guess it's just personal preference and what works for you at this point in your life. Good luck! I'm sure whatever decision you make will be the right one for you!

Melissa Ann Goodwin said...

Boy, I am in the same boat with you! My agent is shopping my book right now. It hasn't been long, and I haven't given up yet on the traditional publishers. But I've also been talking to a friend who has written 3 books, and has experience with both self and traditional. He really thinks self-pub is the way to go, for the control and the profits - you get to keep so much more!! I think that if the publisher isn't going to really get behind your book, and you are going to have to do the same amount of marketing and promo YOURSELF that you would if you were self-pub, then it seems like you might as well do it yourself and keep more of the money. I think the biz is changing so much that the stigma of self-pub is diminishing. It's quite a dilemma, isn't it???????

Solvang Sherrie said...

I think a lot of people are questioning this right now, but the answer is different for everyone. I know people who have no desire to be with a traditional publisher, and people who still think self-publishing is a dirty word. There are people with agents helping them self-publish, and people leaving their agents so they can self-publish.

No matter which route you choose, it's a lot of work. Just because you earn more per book if you go your own way, doesn't mean there'll be any profit to brag about. If you're up for the heavy load of promotion and marketing, and you have a book that strikes a nerve with readers, you might become the next self-published phenom. But making your voice heard among the growing throngs is getting harder every day, no matter who your publisher is.

Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...

So true Solvange.

I think my biggest reason for even questoning is the freedome of having a book out there and being able to be a mom without all the other things that come with it.

That is my biggest selling point.