Friday, June 10, 2011

In which I ask you to watch a million videos.

I lorve you tube and I always post videos, but its been a while.  I'm assuming you are deprived. And cuz I'm a nerd I will relate my new book to SYTYCD! 

OK, the things that are on my heart are women. Women are strong creatures that are often made out to be wilting little flowers that need constant watering and pruning or they aren't going to make it.  BLEH!  Now, I am not a feminist in the least.  I don't hug trees and I like my bra.  BUT, I do enjoy a good strong woman who knows who she is and is confident and comfortable being feminine while kicking butt and taking names. 

The reason I have this on my mind is because I am writing a story about a girl named Daniella who is a princes.  She is thrown into an arranged marriage to a strong willed spoiled prince and she is forced to become stronger and make decisions that are hard.  (Its a fun loving, sweet, pump you up kind of book, not as serious as I just made it sound.  Promise

But here is my dilemma.  I am trying to write her as more than a come hither princes while at the same time she is young and needs to figure out who she is and will make mistakes in the process.  So, she will look stupid and the reader will go "WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT, SILLY WOMAN."  But, the reality is, we need to make mistakes so we really understand who we are and what we believe. 

Right?  Isn't that why God has so much grace?  I think it is.  I know I would be a different person if I had never messed up so many times.  I would probably be stuck up, condemning and UN loving.  Because I would be better than y'all because I never ever messed up, ever.  (Evvvver)

So here are some women that I am falling in love with.  And I lorve this show so I am moved by them. 

This lady is amazing. She shows her natural beauty, her long strong legs and stunning face. But she is kicking butt in her performance. I want my lead girl Daniella to be like this.

This girl is amazing to. She is cute and silly, but takes control of herself. I love it! I want her to be mine. You know what I mean...

AND, cuz I'm a nerd and I always have a favorite, this tall guy who is tap dancing is the one. I want him to win!  I think I like him becuase he reminds me of Stephan, a young boy in my current WIP, Given.  I love me some tap dancing too!


Melissa Ann Goodwin said...

I love tap dancing too! I loved Gregory Hines, who died too young. I could watch him all day. I understand completely about your heroine dilemma. But you are on the right track, because a young woman who is coming into herself WILL make mistakes, sometimes she will do silly things to impress a boy (just as a boy would to impress a girl!) and that will ring true. As long as she SAVES HERSELF and finds her own way, (with the help of friends) you will stay true to your intent. Your story sounds wonderful - good luck!!

Kayeleen Hamblin said...

Love SYTYCD. Love. It makes my summer.

barmybex said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. :D

I love So You Think Yu Can Dance, it's the final over here tonight (UK) I'm so excited, can't wait. I'm torn between 2 of the finalists.

Loved the tap dancers, they were incredible.