Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Water for Elephants

I read Water for Elephants and it started out amazing!  I was pumped.

The images in the beginning were incredible, I could see everything, feel everything, smell everything.

But it went down hill for me quickly and I don't know why, because it is such a respected and well known book.  I mean it became a movie (I dream)

The trailer makes the book seem like its going to be magical and filled with fantasy and dreaming, but in reality the book it crude, sexual and dirty.  Which was the point.  It was filled with hard working dirty people who were basically homeless if it wasn't for the circus that kept them, feeding them whatever they had left from he "important people" who were the stars of the show.  The people who worked in the back ground; people who feed the animals and set up the circus were treated like dirt, sleeping with the animals and  stealing clothes off of clothes lines from whatever city they happened to be in.

It had some amazing visuals, and a good story line. 

But it wasn't my favorite book, by far.  It was so crude it distracted me from the story line.  The character Barbra always did something explicitly sexual and it was hard to get the images out of my mind and enjoy the rest of the story. 

I give this book three out of five stars.  Most of the stars are from respect that it is so well known and that its a movie.  I cant knock what I aspire towards.  There were some incredible visuals and had a distinct writing style.

But it wasn't for me. 

3 out of 5

NOW I am on to a book that I have heard amazing things about.  The Mysterious Mr. Spines.  WINGS.   Its a fantasy and has kids in it.  I'm going back to my favorite.  LOOOK AT THIS BOOK COVER.  It is an inspiration for my book cover for My Stupid Girl.  (My book)


Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

i haven't read Water for elephants yet, though it is on my list. But your new book looks awesome! I'm excited to hear what you have to say about it

Lydia K said...

I haven't read Water for Elephants (and recently I got turned off to seeing the movie by the how the elephants were treated when they were trained). I want to read it, but your review is making me think twice...
Thanks for an honest review!

Laura Marcella said...

I liked Water for Elephants, but I thought it was kind of slow until Rosie the elephant became central to the story. She made the book!

Great cover for Wings!

Anonymous said...

So this has been driving me crazy
do you have an email I can contact you at?
becuse I have a question about your book actually a few
1. What is it about excatly?
2. when will it be out?
3. Why isn't it on Goodreads!?!

Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...

Kate, your blog has that thing were I cant comment. Switch it to pop up, then I can and most others on blogger.

Email me at

#1 My book {My stupid girl} Is about a boy named David who is a Gothic/Punk/Emo boy. He saves a girl named Lucy and his awkward socially constipated personality is pushed to its limits.

#2 It will be out at the begging of next year if I decide to self publish. If I decide to sell it then I don’t know exactly when it will be out.

#3, Its not on Good reads because its still getting edited. The art work is still in the works as well. In a few months it will be on.

Angela@the crazyness that is me said...

I walked around the bookstore with this book in my hand in the weekend and then decided not to get it! Not sure if I could do the crude bits of it! LOL

Steven Whibley said...

Re: Wings ... what a great cover. I'll totally get that book. As for Water For Elephants, alas, I actually quite enjoyed it, though I can't put my finger on why exactly. Great post!