Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dont you hate it

when you get an amazing idea for a book when you are RIGHT in the middle of writing another one?

I have stored this new idea away in the ol vault and am predicting it will be the next big thing!

I cant wait to start it!

If I had to come up with some visuals for the next project I will be working on, these would be them.

 The Epic journey

Having complete control.

Meeting a beautiful girl.

Getting what you always desired.

Finding the kidnapped mother who has special powers.

I'm going to write it for my boys. (They will be the three main characters.)  I am super excited about it. 


Jolene said...

Woohoo - so exciting :) The pictures look AMAZING :) Can't wait to hear more!

Creepy Query Girl said...

that is a great feeling! SOunds like its gonna be a blast to write!

TheyCallMeVarmit said...

Sounds really interesting, and loved the visuals. I'd definitely queue in line to read it. :)