Thursday, March 10, 2011


So, who the heck am I?

Well, besides the fact that I claim to have written an amazing book that I want you to read, what else?

I have the info and I will indulge.  

I am a 29 year old "girl" living in Texas.  Ye haw...Its not my home town, its just an occupational hazard. 

I am a photographer. It is a passion and my preference is couples who are willing to make out, little tiny babies, or women with giant baby bumps.   


I am an avid lover of books, mostly fantasy. However, my first completed book that I felt was good enough to get published is not a fantasy.  My Stupid Girl was inspired by a dream I had.  I fell so deeply in love with the characters that I had to keep writing it. 
I love too many books to name them all; you would get bored and leave.  But if you look to the right there is a little box that lists a few of my favorite authors and I am working on expanding it. 

I have to admit that I am a Twilight fan, I hope this tarnishes nothing about the way you thought about me...but in my defense I was a fan before the series became popular.  I read it while nursing my first son, who is now 6.  (Most people don't realize it came out in 2005.)

I have freckles, a dimple and a round face.  This is the reason I look like I'm 22 years old.  Try looking older than that with freckles.  I dare you!

Me.  Taken by me. 

I find myself fairly amusing and my book bleeds my incredible dry humor.  This is why I was thrilled to find Rae.  She is someone I can banter back and forth with all day.  When I'm sarcastic she comes right back, in my face, with force.  I love her and trust her so fully with my book she could change the names and places and I would be like "SWEET, it's better!" This is the way one MUST feel about there editor, or I imagine it would be a stressful process putting it in someone elses hands.  (I also fully know that she is going to edit this blog post at the next chance she gets!  Thanks Rae.) 

I have three sonsThree...I have boys coming out of my ears.  If I were to get pregnant again (please God, no) then I would want another one.  They are dirty, smelly, loud, rambunctious, and the most loving litte buggers in the world.  

I am married to a man.  He is hawt. 

I really love Creme Brulee.  Why make a whole line about this?  Because its that good.  I would gain one hundred pounds on that stuff and be thrilled.  Thrilled. 

Only child, here.  Make your own judgments about that. 

I love God deeply and I am well aware of his grace he has for me.  It is a grace I do not deserve.  But I accept it because that is what he has asked of me.  And to be nice to people, he also asked me to do that. 

I am writing a trilogy right now with an amazing women named Eve.  She read my last book while I was writing it and she told me she wanted to help me write another one.  I happily told her an idea I was having and we are in the middle of chapter five.  It is going swimmingly.  I can NOT wait to tell you guys about it.  

I "suffer" from ADHD and dyslexia.  I'm pretty sure my eldest does as well.  But this just makes us all the more rad.  I do believe.  

I love "The Nanny" and "The Golden Girls"  What's not to love?

There you have it.  Aurora in a nut shell...

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Tara Maya said...

I have three boys (and dyslexia) as well. :)