Friday, March 4, 2011

Character from "My Stupid Girl"

PhotobucketMeet Isaiah.  He is my mostest favoretest fake person I have ever created.   He is best friend to the main character of my story.   He has a dry sense of humor, so much so that most people don't know if he is kidding or not, so they laugh by way of making up for feeling stupid.  David's (the main character) exaggeration is inward; everything he thinks and feels are measured in extremes.  Isaiah, on the other hand, is verbal and smart-mouthed. He is also wise and knows what's going on in situations. David will try to avoid Isaiah if he isn't in the mood for a dose of reality.  

He has an extremely rich family but is neglected emotionally and physically, so has no idea how to be loved or be loving. 

When I get e-mails from 'fans' its always about Isaiah.  I think I know why everyone loves him, its because hes like a honey badger...'Honey Badger don't care'

If you want to fall in love with a cute emo kid, then by all means, come read about a group of them and pick your favorite.  This one is mine.   My Stupid Girl  <--- It's on sale too! 

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Marina Doshkevich said...

Your editor must have the patience of a saint, cos your grammar is atrocious. Example; Everything he feels and thinks IS measures in extremes. Not "are measured". Did you graduate from High school? I have an eleven year old niece that reads this stuff. Maybe she shouldn't. Not if most of the authors write like you.