Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I can't think

I am so so bad with doing two things at once.  Do you know anyone like that?

Maybe your husband.  You're trying to tell them something important and all they say is yeah-ahuh and yeah-okay while looking at the computer or T.V. 

That's me right now.  I am trying to finish this book and logically that means that I can't blog.  Or read blogs.  I want to do these things so badly, but alas, I am a husband watching T.V. focused and zoning all at the same time!

BUT, I am working on something.  I get a lot of emails asking me about more books.  I have written a few but I don't want to publish them because they just aren't very good.  They are fine, I guess and they would entertain you but they are hardly memorable.  And I want to write something that moves me and I want to publish something that I believe has the potential to move you!  I'm a little OCD like that. 

Right now I'm working on a book called "Good Girls don't Swear" or perhaps it will be called "Infertile Annie."  I haven't decided.  I'm feeling excited about it like I did when I was writing My Stupid Girl.  I love the characters and I have fallen in love with the main characters. 

Here is a little fun fact.  I am writing it with someone this time.  I have set the book in Georgia and I have a friend from Georgia who is getting a hold of it and blowing it out of the water.  I send her a chapter and then she countries it.  I am having so much fun. 

So, what are all of you up to?  And how do you do writing and blogging and breathing at the same time?  I'm stumped!

Oh, this happened.  It was awesome.  I then got to #69 on the top 100 for a few days. 

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