Monday, July 29, 2013

Amanda Bynes

I just have to say that I am and have been very very sad about the whole "Amanda Bynes going a little nutty thing."  I think most woman my age are particularly sad about it because we grew up watching Amanda Bynes on television.  I am four years older than her and I always thought she was hilarious.  I mean, who does this....

Only the extraordinarily cool and stellar people will do this.  Especially with Tatum Channing in the room. 
Oh and this...

Amanda Bynes gifs photo: Gif tumblr_lg0vpjKpPl1qax3hv.gif

Who can eat a chicken leg like that and still be so amazing?  AMANDA BYNES, that's who.

She has been that actress/comedian that everyone loved.  She was silly and made faces that were quirky and yet stayed beautiful.  She never took herself to seriously, she was real.

Then something happened and the rumors say that she is suffering from some mental illness.  She has been doing this kind of stuff. 

Is it crazy that it breaks my heart?  I just hope she gets the help she needs because I want old Amanda back.  But she might have gone a little further than even Brittney and Lindsey.  And that's bad.
What are your thoughts on the whole "Amanda thing?"


Bonnie Rae said...

I think it is incredibly sad. I miss her and I hope she gets the help she needs. I hope the judge gives her parents control over her finances because it is very obvious she can not take care of herself right now. They seem to genuinely want to help her.

What a girl wants was one of the best movies ever, for me.

Come back to us Amanda, we love you!

Aurora Smith said...

I read an article the other day that said when she was younger and "healthy" that she was paranoide about fire alarms, thinking someone was watching her. So she showed some sighns of having skitsofrenia.