Monday, May 20, 2013

Sale and Updates

Hi, good morning and good Monday!

How are y'all doing this glorious morning?  Its hotter'n heck out here in Texas.  The muggy 98 felt like 120 with the 90% humidity...whatever! 

Firs thing I'd like to tell you that the book is on sale so if you haven't gotten it or want a friend to read it then tell them.  Here's a link so you don't have to work.  Working is hard.  My Stupid Girl for 1.99

Here is another suggestion for the book cover.  Thoughts? 

Now, I know a ton of people said the black, but this was the second choice.  I looked at the thumbnail size and the black made the book look choppy and you couldn't read the title very well.  So I am playing with this color. 

Third, I got my first one star marking on goodreads.  I felt bad for a moment then I realized it was a 72 year old man who pretty much pressed one star on every book he comes into contact with.  So the sting numbed and I am now officially still waiting for my first one star review.  That will be a day filled with ice cream and Brandon Frazier movies.  So far my lowest has been a 3 star review, but it read like a 4-5 star review so I can't complain. 

I had a giveaway on goodreads and 852 people signed up!  WHAT?  Now, I just need those people to actually buy the book.  It's good, mepromises. 

ALSO, look at these pics and smile.  This is how hot it was.  My first and second son rolled in mud like little elephants.  I think the husband had more fun hosing them than was necessary. 




OH, and the "baby" turned one on Saturday.  Excuse me whilst I cry in the corner.  I want to remember him like this.  Come to think of it, all those kids are a year older.  Sigh...

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Lynn Blackmar said...

I love the new cover. It's absolutely gorgeous!