Monday, May 13, 2013

Nightmares Daughter

Good Morning! 

I need advice!  I am close to being done with the second book that I plan on publishing and I have a few cover choices that I'd like to throw around with y'all. 

Would you help me?  And yes, it's supposed to be Nightmare's bad.  These are rough drafts!

Tell me: do you like A, B, C or D 

I know this may be to much instruction for a few of you, but please, try to keep up would ya? Muwhahahahah! I kid...

Here they are.  What stands out the most for you?  Now, keep in mind that even though this is a creepy picture, and the book is a little bit creepy it is also funny.  So I added some light colors to some to try and lighten the mood.


Please leave me a comment and tell me which you like most!


Rebecca Green Gasper said...

I like the last one best- D :) I think the black pulls out the dark lines and makes the picture pop a little more.

S.K. Anthony said...

I like the last two. I agree that the black helps the picture to pop but I also like the eerie feel that I get from the white.

Good luck deciding ;)

Stephsco said...

Either of the last two. This was tough!

Chris McMullen said...

I tried to post at KDP, but my post was "delayed."

Check the thumbnail size to see if the title text is large enough. Otherwise, I would shrink the author's name.

I would remove "the" following the name. I would also put this line in a starburst (see bestsellers, which usually have one, though it's often for an award) instead of across the head.

The blue bar of A, which is appealing, and the yellow font of D, which has the black that matches the theme, both introduce a new color (blue or yellow) that doesn't match anything else. Maybe you need option E?

Do you think this cover will attract the age group of your target audience?

I like these covers. As they are, A appeals to me best. Good luck with your books. :-)

wylee said...

Either B or D.
the aqua and white text banners of A and C are too light. don't pop out as much.

wylee said...

oh, and I agree that you should leave out "the" before "author of My Stupid Girl"

Jennie Coull said...

I like the pink one!