Monday, May 6, 2013

Can I be real?

Disclaimer: I lied about my age.

Here it goes.  The subject I have wanted to write about but have been too afraid to ruffle feathers and ‘alienate’ myself from possible readers.  I’m still afraid of that actually, but I can no longer keep my mouth shut. *Unzips mouth and puts on big girl undies*
I am a little bit sickened by all of the sex that is in Indie Books.

There, I said it.  GASP….she said it.  She said it out loud.

What is the number one compliment that I get from my book?  It’s not my sexy, steamy love scenes?!  No, it’s this:  ‘I loved this book because I can actually give it to my daughter.’ 

Before I go on with this rant I would like to say that I don’t think that my book is better because it doesn’t describe the actual act of sex.  I definitely don’t think that.  Not even a little.  Nope.  There are some books that I like that have sex in it.  I admit I feel squirmy and giggle like a little girl and blush furiously behind my e-reader.  Those books are far and few between though and they have to be excellent books to win me over despite the fact that is has something so personal in it.  And they never have anything to terribly descriptive in it.    

I just get worried about the kids out there that love reading and see a werewolf book and they think “awesome…its only 2.99.”

Then BAM.  Uterus punch.  Also, what’s with men saying ‘I wanna f*ck you.’ And this is what we want twelve year old girls to think is romantic?  HECK, I’m twenty eight and I don’t think its romantic.  If a guy said that to me I would A) call my husband and that would deal with that, or B) Throw up on his expensive loafers and probably punch his face, the poor sap would get blood on his cardi.   

When I was writing My Stupid Girl I thought that I was pushing the limits by talking about Physical and Sexual abuse, adoption, alcohol, virginity and religion.  I thought people won’t want to read it because it has so much in it. And yes, actually there is a lot of sex talk, however I would hope that it shows the importance of it and how you don’t just throw yourself around.  Cuz ladies, let me tell you something.  Guys don’t actually like that.  They like ‘it’ but not you.  End true fact face punch.

I know there is a market for sex.  A big market.  50 shades has sold more than Harry Potter.  Just think about that.  Think about it.  Are you thinking about that?  I have, and it makes me sad. 

Ok, so I’ve probably offended you because you might have sex in your book and I know that you are required to put the no one under 17 can read this due to adult materials, blah blah blah.  This is fine.  People buy your books and that’s awesome.  But what I’m not getting is why it seems like it's in EVERYSINGLEONE.  I swear I have returned about four books in the last two months because there was sex JUST because indie books are supposed to have sex.  There was no reason for it; it was there to sell books. 

I agree with you that this is a personal feeling and that I am completely pushing them on you.  I apologize for that.  I feel like an Indie author who is becoming increasingly frustrated with Indie books.  Where is the depth, the soul, the desire to reach out and grab someones attention and shake them and make them THINK?

Okay, I expect to have thirty less followers by the end of the day.  Such is life.         


elkjerkyforthesoul said...

I know this might seem like spam, but it's really a response to your charge that EVERY indie book has sex in it. Check out our author group on Goodreads. Not all these are overtly Christian, either. They just handle the "S" word really well, YA and even adult.

Lauren said...

I write clean adult fiction. It's interesting without being smutty and yes, people can hand these books to their children.

I prefer it that way. And yes, I am indie. If you lose followers over this, they're not the followers you want.

E.J. Wesley said...

I think it's a fair concern, Aurora. Outside of the familiar cry of 'sex sells'--and it does, which is why we're having this discussion--I think there are factors that lead to indies being a bit steamier than traditional in certain categories and genres.

For example, the indie reading market is still a majority adult group. Not that teen readers aren't reading indie, just that they clearly aren't the ones carrying the indie market. I suspect that's because many indie titles are eBooks, and you tend to need a credit card to purchase them. But I do think that's changing, and would guess in a couple of more years we'll see a lot more teens devouring eBooks. (A lot of schools are beginning to supply tablets to their students for classes and textbooks, and the reading will naturally follow as they have the gadgets in their hands 24/7.)

It's also a factor of percentages. What's the volume of adult to YA fiction in indie books total? I'd guess there's way more adult fiction out there, so you get adults writing for adults, and a lot of adults like to read (and watch and talk about) sex.

I think it's very important to have diversity in literature, and I'm glad you're writing things for those who aren't looking for the steamier things. And you're 100% correct thinking that not everyone wants to read about explicit sex. There's a market and readership there for sure, and I say keep writing to it. :)

Samantha Fury said...

Hey I so agree, and yes there are those out there that love clean romance and write it. I see one of my members has posted already and that's great.

Christian Indie Authors is a great group, we have everything to offer readers. Some of us just write Clean romance with out the preaching, and some of us toss in some good old fashioned values without the preaching.

You may lose some readers but it's time more people stood up for their morals.

I'll follow you to help make up for the few that leave.

I write under
Samantha Fury Christian Mystery Romance

Samantha Lovern Clean Romance.

Great post!

nissa_loves_cats said...

I believe I am an adult--- well, technically--- I am over 50. I do not care for explicit sex in my fiction. I think it's a wee bit degrading for the writer to be expected to provide sexual thrills as well as a good story.

Think of all the great writers who wrote before it was permitted to explicit sex in a novel. I'd rather write like that than like the '50 Shades of Smut' author.

Just as people who like sex in fiction can speak out for that, we who don't care for it should be able to express our views as well.

Laura said...

I completely agree, and I can't believe 50 Shades has sold more than Harry Potter. That does make me sad. I'd much rather have a good plot and no sex than a terrible plot with a lot of sex.

Aurora Smith said...

Laura, exactly my point!!!!! :)

Stephsco said...

So this is not exclusive to YA or New Adult, but all indie fiction? I guess what you're saying is that with ebooks and low price points, that availability of wide selections of books with sex in them is kind of the issue. I can see your point. All I can say, and you probably already do this, is be involved with what your kids are reading and talk about it with them.

Back when I was a "YA" there were kids books, Sweet Valley High, and not much else. Nothing like today's selection. I moved right on up to Stephen King and my mom's romance books at 13 because that's what was around. If something didn't interest me or weirded me out, I ususally stopped reading it.

As far as the 50 Shades thing--who freaking knows. I couldn't get past the second page of elementary level writing--didn't even get to any sex.

Aurora Smith said...

Haha-Stephsco! I haven't read any of the 50 shades but I have listen to a few readings on YouTube and they are hysterical!
Do you know that I once had a mother email me and asked me if my book was appropriate for her daughter.? I couldn't believe it, I wanted to tell her to find out for herself and monitor what her child was reading. SMH

Shelly said...

I like things to be clean for teens, too. Although, I'm working on a series now. Got two characters that aren't clean...but its not erotica.

Anyway, there's nothing wrong with clean.

Hugs and chocolate,

Shannon Lawrence said...

I had no idea 50 Shades had outsold Harry Potter. That's depressing.

I'm okay with sex in books, but when it becomes porn (and isn't meant to be) it's too much. Now, if it's erotica, then it's erotica.

Anyway, I think EJ had an excellent response.

I'll be monitoring what my kids read, that's for certain.

Shannon at The Warrior Muse

Andrew Leon said...

My book doesn't have sex in it because I wanted my kids to be able to read it.

However, if the sex is there to sell books, there is a reason for it. It may be erroneous, but it's still a reason.

Chris McMullen said...

Nice post! I'm sure there are many others like us who prefer to read books without that three-letter word. Authors aspiring to become known for excellent writing abilities should rise to the challenge of succeeding without adult content. Then they will know that people truly enjoyed the writing, story, and characterization, and didn't just buy something to arouse their most primal instincts.

Surely, there must be a market for clean fiction, especially among parents.

wylee said...

Hi, I appreciate your opinion.
I do not like sex in my books.
I could even do with out kissing scenes. they don't move the story along unless it's a romance.. and those tend to include sex, so I don't read romance.

anyway I wanted to say that I totally agree with your opinion, and I find it disturbing that 50 Shades has outsold Harry Potter. : (

Sheena Boekweg said...