Monday, April 29, 2013

A story in GIF

Most days I wake up and I do this when I look at all of my children, already eating Eggo's that they made themselves, complete with generous heaps of syrupy.

  crazy photo: Supernatural dean-what-gif_zps6909ac1c.gif

I know what you're thinking.  Just get up earlier than them.  Impossible.  If I set my alarm they will get up before that.  I mentally tell myself "get up at 6" they will get up at 5:30.  Its just the way it is. 

Then I look at my book sale rank.  Sometimes I go...

excited photo:  excited-flailing_zps49062a8f.gif

And sometimes I go..

crying photo: Belle crying bellesad_zps0ee214ce.gif

Then I home school and I pretty much do this the whole time.

crazy photo: Oh My God 7ozTU_zpsc4438745.gif

Then.  THEN I get a sweet hour where I write.  I write furiously.  Like a ravenous animal that hasn't eaten in weeks and just came across a fresh Zebra.  I put every thought I've had down.  Sometimes they don't make sense, but they're down!

Oh and in between all of this I nurse the baby and have been taking the oldest kid to Physical Therapy.  Look at this floppy armed cutie. Poor dude has to learn to re-use his arm.  He only has 10% usage in his wrist and fingers as well as needing to learn to straighten the dang thing. 

So, I'm busy.  But one thing I did manage to get done was my paper back!  Its done.  It's freaken done.  Lets twirl around in circles and puke!  I'm so happy!  You can get it HERE


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