Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Books lately

I have been excited for January for two reasons...


I read the first one, Under the Never Sky, a year ago.  I loved the originality and the new world she had dropped me into.  I had thought that there was a lot of telling and not as much showing and she had drooped me into a situation that was BIZZAR and hadn't explained it to me until the middle of the book (which I hate) but it was still a great read.  So I had to wait patiently for the next one to come out (Which I hate) and when it did, I was like YAHOOOO. 

Whomp Whomp Whomp
I couldn't even get past chapter four.  She dropped me into another bizzar situation and I didn't know what was going on and I couldn't hack it.  The disappointment has been burning me up that when I look at this cover I want to throw something at it.  But it's on my Kindle so I refrain, because I lurve my kindle. 
Here is the good news tho.  THIS CAME OUT.
I liked this book a bit more than the other one anyways to begin with so its no surprise that I am loving this one.  The first one, Cinder, is a Cinderella spin off, but shes a Cyborg.  Yes, a Cyborg.  How amazing is that?  And it was good, if you haven't read it then you must, and the best part is that number two will be waiting for you when you're done.  Oh, and scarlet has a shy guy in it.  I'm in love. 
So I am happily reading Scarlet and miserably ignoring Throughout the Ever Night and writing my second book. 
How has your book selection been treating you lately?
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Bonnie Rae said...

I am currently finishing up Prodigy by Marie Lu. Scarlet is next on my TBR list after that. =)

And I am working on my 3rd book =)

Aurora Smith said...

Yeah! Bonnie Rae! You'll love Scarlet and I'm going to love your third book!!