Saturday, May 28, 2011

My editor sent me this...

She is currently editing My Stupid Girl which is my  first book in the My series I am working on.

Its filled with Emos and Christina's.  I love this combination because it makes things so awkward for everyone in my book.  Especially David, the main character.  He is socially constipated and mildly OCD.   


Rae sent me this picture and it made me laugh hysterically. 

On another note, scenes posting my "Computer Butt" post I have lost two pounds.

On another, sadder more desperate note; I cant comment on any ones blogs and its freaking me out.  Is anyone else having this issue...(I guess if you are, I will not be hearing from you, so the only ones I will hear from are the people who are in fact having no issue with this...)

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Kayeleen Hamblin said...

Love the emo horse. I am obviously not having comment issues, but the widgets on my blog have been funky. I have heard others say that they aren't able to comment, though, so you aren't alone.