Saturday, March 12, 2011


This made me laugh so I had to share it. 

This is a WIP of mine that my editor hasnt even seen yet. I am going to get yelled at for putting it up wihtout it being "looked over". 

So here it is...Let the yelling commence!  (P.S. If it looks perfect, then Rae got ahold of it and fixed it, if it doesnt then you saw me raw, baby!) 

    I stopped at a cross walk were a soccer mom looking woman came shuffling out with her big yellow stop sign then started walking a group of my class mates across the street. They were huddled together, there jackets wrapped tightly around themselves trying to keep warm. A few feet behind the cuddly group was that pretty Goth boy, David. His hands were in the pockets of his tight black and white striped hoodie, the hood completely covering his head, the sides making a wall so I couldn’t see anything but the tip of his nose sticking out. If I had seen his face, I knew that one side would be covered with hair and the other side would be scowling at me. He had two long white wires crawling down the front of his shirt that connected to his ipod that was tucked safely inside the pocket of his pants. The ipod was small but those blue jeans were tight, I could hardly believe that thing fit in there. He looked like he was walking around with pencils for legs. I giggled to myself; those were the skinniest legs I had ever seen in my life. He didn’t see me looking at him, he never raised his face from the ground. Just silently walked to his little gray car being careful not to show that mysterious face of his.

My kids are watching cartoons on this glorious Saturday morning and I have a cup of coffee in my hands. What a great way to start to day then writing a little and being creative. I’m always nicer to my kids when I get to use my brain before I have to hang out with them to much. They start yelling at eachother the moment I write this...again, I may just lock my bedroom door.
I kid...I kid

And because blogs are boring without visuals. Like books without pictures. I am going to put a little something up that makes me smile.

This is a little something I made just for the heck of it. It is a visual I wanted to send my editor and the sweet woman I am writing this story with. I am in the midst of a trilogy right now. The first book is called Fire in Water.

Enjoy your Saturday.  They only come every seven days!


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Kasie West said...

Thanks for sharing a bit of your WIP. That was fun. And I'm diggin' your Fire/Water visual there. So cool.