Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I feel Pregnant

I'm not pregnant!  BUT, I feel like I am...

I have a book that is being edited and I am trying very hard to be patient in this process.  I worked so hard on it, now I am at the mercy of another person.  (Iv mentioned I love my editor!) 

I find myself dreaming about what it will look like when its done.  All my hard work, well soon be ready for everyone else to see, but its still cooking.  Still growing, still developing. 

I feel like I have back pains, neck pains, braxton hicks and mild contractions.

It actually kind of hurts.

I'm cooking a book! 

Sometimes I get nervous.  I think about all the hard work.  All the people putting all there effort into me, and my dream.  I get nervous I will fail.  That I will disappoint them.  BUT then this song came on the radio and I realized that this song was perfect for me.  I dedicate it to THE WORLD!


Jenny Phresh said...

So glad to find a fellow writer who also lives in a Land of Winkies! I LOVE the name of your blog. I have lost 2 pounds reading it already.

Bethany C. said...

Sending your baby into the world, even if into the trusted hands of an editor you love, is terrifying!
It's harder than the first day of kindergarten. Teachers have laws they have to abide by, but agents can beat your baby to a bloody pulp without consequence! The good part is...I don't think many do.

Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...

Bethany...YOU GET ME!

Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...

My editor could change names and places and Id still love it, I totally trust her. BUT yeah, Its my baby! HAHA