Saturday, November 23, 2013


I feel very bleh.  Although it might just be that I'm PMSing and I've sent my family running for cover; I just passed a fort in the living room that was occupied by four shivering boys all with pitchforks and torch in their hands, ready to tame the beast.

I wish that were a joke.

Can I be honest?

Today I feel unseen.
Looked over.

and most of all...

I fell ticked off.

My son was just talking to me and it made me want to chew my fingers off.  The oldest ones breathing almost gave me an aneurysm.  The baby wants to nurse and I don't want to be touched with a ten foot pole.

  feelings photo: A lot of feelings Ijusthavealotofemotions_zpsb59be798.gif

I am writing a book right now that is very....hard to write. 

It has some funny moments but I put them there to counteract the real life stuff I am throwing in there.  It's hard for me to write these things and while feeling like the world is crumbling around me for three days for no dern good reason makes me feel unreasonable and that makes it worse!

Am I the only one? 
But I did finish an amazing series (Remember When) and I plan on giving a full review on Monday, hopefully I'll be in a better mood by then so I can do it justice.

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