Tuesday, July 23, 2013

forgive me

I've been so so absent lately because I am finishing up "Nightmare's Daughter" which is scheduled to come out in October.  So my head is down and I'm typing typing editing editing typing, screaming at kids, typing and so on and so forth!

BUT I did lift my head for a second and decided that because I've been so absent that I'd put my book on sale for absolutely no reason than I wanted to. 

If you're interested in the craziest sale in the history of My Stupid Girl then click HERE and grab it for .99, yes that's what I said.

OH and one more thing....
omg gif photo:  OMG.gif

And another things...
omg gif photo:  2nl5qw4.gif

I woke up and looked at my book stats and My Stupid Girl is sitting at #2,839  WHATEVER

omg gif photo: OMG tumblr_leby8sUEBG1qbhqsh.gif
Last one!

ALSO, I'm getting excited and nervous and palpitationist (not a word) about Nightmare's Daughter!  It's different, but it's fun.

Oh and I've made it onto a few Pirated Book Sites.  So if you'd like to read my book for free and get a nice virus in the process then go look for it! Bahaha.  Those places are SKETCHY!


Donna K. Weaver said...

Woohoo! Two congrats!

Yeah, the frenzy before a (and during) a book release.

Karen Walker said...

Oh my - you're a busy girl!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Great news about MY STUPID GIRL. And just pace yourself with NIGHTMARE'S DAUGHTER. You can do more than you realize, and the dream within you will create its own magic. High sales for both!