Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sorry that I've been gone

I have a real, honest to goodness, legit, awesomely awful reason.

Wanna see it.  If you're squeamish then look away now.

I've warned you.

Okay, I'm showing you...

I warned you

That is my oldest sons arm.  You've never lived until you've seen your precious first born running to you from across the park with an arm dangling at his side with its elbow in the wrong position.  Him screaming, "I cant move my fingers, it hurts mommy, its hurts," is just the greatest.  Throwing your other kids at friends at the park and hoping that they figure out that you would like them to take those children somewhere that their father might be.  Also hope that the friend that you screamed "call my husband" to actually has his number.  (sigh) 

Here he is waiting in the emergency room.  He was here for about a minute and a half.  They took one look at his backwards arm and he got ahead in line (score) He was cried out by this point.

 Brothers finally made it, with my husband (thanks friends) Being excellently behaved boys while Josiah got his arm x-rayed. He went into surgery an hour after his x-ray.  The good news is that the break was just below the grow ring so they don't think they will have to break it again when he's older.  (Shudders)
He soon realizes that the day after surgery the nurses feed you whenver you want and you get to play video games and watch t.v.  Hummmmmm.  This isn't so bad!
Misery.  He had to come home.  No more nurses. (And intense pain)

Oh, but being waited on hand and foot and watching moms Ipad instead of doing school?  Score!

I've gotten a little bit of writing done but kids are important too.  I supppppose!  I'm just so grateful that it was only his arm.  He was hanging upside down as he fell he used his arm to block his head and neck.  This is the part that makes me truly squeamish when I think of the what could have happened. 
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Laura said...

Thank goodness he's ok! Kids will be kids, I guess!

Rebecca Green Gasper said...

Oh my horrible. I am so sorry. Hopefully he will have a speedy recovery! I'll be thinking of you :)

Timothy Brannan said...

Poor guy! But he will have some great stories to tell in the future.

Tim Brannan
The Other Side and The Witch
Red Sonja: She-Devil with a Sword
The Freedom of Nonbelief

Donna Hosie said...

Poor little guy. I don't know how my kids have got to their teens without breaking bones, although there have been a few visits to the casualty unit.