Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Love Interest

OK, y'all, I'm going to get mildly serious over here, so listen up because it only happens every third Thursday on full moons.

Love interests.  We all have them and they're all different.  Some like the bad boy (yuck) or the really hot guy (blerg) or the Darcy type who is handsome, but grumpy and hard to impress (swoon).

Yes, I'm the Darcy type.  That's a big reason I loved the book Austenland.  (Read it if you are a Darcy type, I promise you will lurve it!) Anywho, I swear I'm not here to put the other types down.  Even if I don't get the appeal of the bad boy.  Seems untrustworthy to me.  And I don't get the super hot guy (They all look the same.  Bulging muscles, blond or black hair and a crooked smile.  zzzz)  I am rather into the momentarily popular nerds and geeks.  Those smart guys who are super uncomfortable around you and blush whenever you speak to them is down right adorable!

LIKE THIS.... Oh my gosh, when I was a little girl watching this I vowed to marry a shy, smart boy.  (I did)  SO CUTE.  I'm 31 and I'm still dying inside and I'm still upset at MTV for canceling this amazing show. 

My point (I swear I write that in every single blog post.) Is that if you are going to have a type, try to make him a little different.  I don't mind the amazing hot guy if he's a little different.  Give him a crooked pinkie or a scar above his left eye.  Make his feet to big so hes a hot guy who stumbles.  Or if you're into the bad boy give him a soft side but not just for you, make it towards old grandma or his best friend.  I really have no contributions to bad boys, I really don't like them. 

What say you?  What is your type?  Do you swoon over the hotty, the geek, the baddy, the lonely tortured type?

How do you describe them so that the unappealing are appealing? 


Donna K. Weaver said...

*sigh* That clip is awesome. Made me feel warm all over--until the end. (get out of the car!!!)

Aurora Smith said...

Right! Sure Jordan is hot, but can he write? Sigh...

Milo James Fowler said...

I never really had a "type" but I've always been attracted by long hair -- weird, I know. (My wife is my type now!) I try to make unappealing characters appealing in my stories; I think they're the most interesting types to write about.

Aurora Smith said...

Amen, Milo. Perfect beauty bores me to tears. How do you describe perfection any differently than it already as been?

Cynthia Marcano said...

I was also upset when they canceled MSCL...still one of my faves.

Back when I used to date my track record reveals I was attracted to losers. Its okay, I have a winner now. =)

I admit that I love the Darcy's AND the Jordan's but always find myself rooting for the underdog!