Monday, February 4, 2013

Frustrated and Fat

First of all I would like to yell from the roof tops that Goodreads is the most frustrating piece of shenanigans that I have ever encountered. 

I can't get the stinking cover of my stinking book to load to the stinking site.  The whole thing confuses me so much and yes, I know how to read. 

ALSO, never say out loud that you want to lose five pounds for your author photo shoot.  You will end up doing this alllll week.

I'm super excited to do my author shoot, tho.  Even if I look like Jaba.  I want to have my picture on my book like all the cool kids do.

Today Ive had:
Two cups of coffee (With fancy sugary creamer goodness)
Granola and milk
Egg salad sandwich

Its only 2:02 pm

I want another cup of coffee

Any advice on the goodreads thing.  What is this gal missing?

I did it!  I dont know how but I put my picture up on goodreads!  This is me right now!
Also, I did have the third cup of coffee.  With creamer.  YERM!


S.K. Anthony said...

Yay! Glad you got the picture up! I'll have to go check it out ;)

Good luck at the photo shoot, have fun! ... I'm running to go have my second cup of coffee right now...

Martina at Adventures in YA Publishing said...

Yay for getting your photo up there. And thanks so much for forcing me to go make an egg salad sandwich. I read that and started to drool.