Thursday, January 31, 2013

I want to write

I am an author.  I specialize in the YA because that's better than OA...right?  Obviously.

There are four little people who stop me from really getting anything done.  I homeschool these four little people.  No, I homeschool three of them and nurse one.  The nurser, well hes mobile now.  Which means I have to follow him while I'm trying to teach other people things.   

No, I'm not stressed, why do you ask?
This is an hilarious bit of something special.  Remember this letter?  It was just on my last post.  The one where my son got caught giving me a dirty look and he wrote me an "apology" letter.

Look at all of those misspelled words.  I thought, "I really need to teach this kid how to spell."  Well yesterday I got this letter...

ME THINKS that maybe he was forced to write the first so he didn't really care.  He really cared about the second letter and he only got one word wrong and my editor will see that there is no question mark. 
why does he think I don't like him?
Don't call CPS just yet.  That boy was throwing a fit.  AHEM.  I take pictures of my kids when they're throwing fits.  Its called excellent parenting.
Whats my point in all this?
And I do, a little.  But lets be honest, not as much as I did before the baby was here.  You know that time when I wrote my book, "My Stupid Girl."  That time. 
But least there is this. 
How do you moms get writing done amidst kids?


Angela Brown said...

As a mom, the writing gets done whenever it can, seriously lol!! I only have one so I commend you for all that you're doing :-)

Aurora Smith said...

I think 1 is harder than 4 to be honest. At least they can play together. When I'm alone with 1, I'm like What do I DO?? HAHA

Anonymous said...

I hope you get this you commented on my "January notes" post asking me if I'd email you if I'd like to review a book?

I want to!! I want to please! I couldn't find your email anywhere and I didn't want to pass this chance up if you could please email me at I'll give you my address and name and such
please please