Sunday, November 6, 2011


(Disclaimer:  I am aware of all the typos, but I am pregnant and grumpy and kids were hanging on me and I was tired.  So I'm not changing them.  I am to lazy and Id rather just read other blogs now. mmmkay)

The underdogs in stories are my absolute all time favorites.  They are the ones I always cheer for and the ones I fall in love with.  I'm not talking about the "typical" obvious underdog.  I tend to like the actually underdog and people go "HUH?" when I tell them I love them! 

For example. 

Darth Vadar.  Originally Anakin Skywalker.  He was said to be the chosen one.  At a young child he was put into slavery with his mother and later taken by some Jedis to train, even tho he was to old at 8.  He soon realized he was stronger than his master and became bitter having to reign in his power.  He fell in love with Padmé Amidala and they had to get married in secret as he was not allowed to as a Jedi.  He got her pregnant and had dreams about her dying during birth.  Being afraid of this because he had already lost his mother he  asked for help and was soon tricked into joining the dark side.  He became Dark Vadar after being completely mutilated by his own master Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Padme did end up dying during child birth but due to a broken heart.  Anakin, now Darth believes that his wife died with his unborn child still in her womb he becomes the most terrifying character of the eighties.  Even in the last movie/book where it is proven that he was in fact the chosen was when he sacrifices himself for the son he didn't realize had survived. 
I love this character.  He was so hated and so feared.  He was on top of the power chain but was still an underdog for having lost everything he had.  His power was based on pain and lies.  Underdog!    

Severes Snape.  One of the best love stories if you ask me.  I actually had a little discussion with my editor once about Severes Snape and why I love him.  Her argument was that he was mean.  And she is right.  He is mean.  He is nasty, oily, bitter and unforgiving.  Even J.K. Rowling didn't intent for him to be the hero like he became.  But in the end he was the one that made everything possible.  He gave his life for the woman he always loved, even if it meant protecting her son; the very thing that caused him so much pain.  I love Snape.  And not even my amazing editor can change that.  (Altho she has power if other areas.)

Edward Cullen.  I know.  He doesn't seem like an underdog.  But I think he is.  I have always thought that Jacob would of been the smarter choice for Bella. He is alive, warm, young, and ALIVE.  Those are the things that Edwards wants to be.  Edward hates that he can only give Bella one life and admits that he knows Jacob would be better for her.  I feel bad for Edward, he sees himself as a monster and puts Bella as well as his entire family in trouble because of his love for Bella.  I don't think its always the ugly nerdy boys that are the underdogs. 

There are tons more.  Sam Wise Gamge,  Ron Weasly, Draco Malfoy, Frank Zhang, Edward Macleod just to name a few of my favorites.  There would be lots lots more if I had the energy to sit down and think about it.  

I love underdogs.  My new book coming out has a sweet underdog in it who is I think my favorite one of all of them.  Of course, all our kids look better to us than other peoples kids.   

So, who is your favorite underdog?


Angela Brown said...

I loved hating Snape. And I hated loving him too. He was one of the more "deep" and less easy-to-figure-out characters of the Potter series. Good choice.

Michele said...

I read the Harry Potter books finally! I'm now obsessed. I think Snape is one of my favorite characters because he was so questionable.