Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Help me write

I am extremely visual.  That is why I could spend hours on Pinterest; looking at all the art and photography (I have been known to enjoy the geekery section as well.) 

Here are some visuals that inspire my writing, the feel I get when I write and explain eyes or someones chin and cheeks.  I am a writer that explains the physical part of my character.   You know exactly what they look like, walk like, speak like. 

Here are some pictures that visually freak me out in an amazing way!

This is the way I see things.  I know it looks a little creepy but thats exactly what I love about it.

Have you ever found a random picture of a random person on the Internet and you about drop dead and feel like you are in the movie "Stranger Than Fiction."  I swear to you I created this girl.  Her long hair, her blue eyes, her freckles, her big lips and big front teeth.  This is my Lucy from "My Stupid Girl" 


Angela Brown said...

Love the pics.

And I haven't had the wonderment of seeing my character in a pic yet. But I haven't been pic-lurking yet. Would be awesome to have that feeling.

Maria :) said...

The last picture looks exactly like you!!! By the way, I'm excited to read your book. I don't read much but I read the sneak peek you posted earlier and really enjoyed it :)

Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...

Maria, it is true that I made Lucy have very similar characteristics as me only I wrote them as much prettier and a lot less cutesie. haha. Thanks tho, that is a great compliment! Its goign to be out super soon!!!!

Stephsco said...

I definitely get your taste from looking at these pictures collectively. I'll have to spend some time on Pineterest, I haven't yet. That girl is beautiful; what great inspiration for your writing!

Elizabeth said...

I love these photos.