Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Given blurb

   I extinguished my seething face with a cascade of water. The ice cold liquid was a comfort running in-between my fingers and it became like a child’s blanket as I raised my cupped hand to my cheeks. The water formed into droplets on my newly shaved head and cooled my racing mind. Mark stood behind me, his arms crossed and his eyebrows swelled with determination.
   “I said look tough, not kill someone.”
   “I didn’t kill him.” I had no energy to properly defend myself. I knew what I’d done.
   “You nearly killed him. But, we could make this work for us, you may have just made me the most powerful person in this room.” He patted my back and looked at my reflection in the crystal framed mirror.

A little blurb I wrote yesterday from my WIP Given.  I truck on.  This is by far the hardest book I have ever written. 

I title this picture "frazzled WIP writer who runs to get ideas...and is now ten pounds thinner!"

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Peggy Eddleman said...

Awesome blurb!

And I think I might have to take up running to get ideas. Kills two pretty powerful birds with one stone!