Friday, July 15, 2011

Uncharted Territory

A few months ago I started writing a book that I named Given.  Its about a young girl who goes into an arranged marriage with a snobby spoiled prince. 

It has become a who done it with twists and turns that I am getting confused with.

BUT, its exciting because Iv never done anything like this before and I am feeling stretched.  I need to organize my brain which is HARD for me to do. 

I mean isn't that why I have an editor? 

So, any advice from those who have read or written a mystery who done it kinda book?

P.S.  Iv seen the cover art for My Stupid Girl and its AMAZING.  AHHHH.  The font is still getting worked out, but soon my friends!  SOOON!


KLo said...

I absolutely love it when I'm writing a novel and think it's going to go one way, then the next thing I know, it's pretty much writing itself and I'm shocked by where it ends up. Sounds very cool : )

Jo Schaffer said...

All my books are first because I never know what will happen next until the characters tell me! (=

Shannon Lawrence said...

I've never really written mystery, but I remember reading that you should plot it out throughout so that you can make a schedule of sorts for where clues will show up, red herrings, false accusations, etc. I remember reading a book by, I think, Mary Roberts Reinhardt where the end was so clever and such a twist, and it got me on such a high that I was researching how to write a good mystery. She had written it in such a way that I actually didn't guess at the ending (which is rare for me) and that I didn't feel cheated at having been wrong at the end. Yet, the information planted throughout was not false, and all added up once the answer was known. I wish I remember what book it was.

Good luck with Given! And congrats on the cover. Exciting!

Jolene Perry said...

I'm working on a mystery right now.


SO hard, lol. I don't think I'll do it again, but for now, I go back and forth from flying through scenes like normal, and then carefully re-arranging clues.

Not an easy task, and I have a whole new appreciation for people's brains who think well enough to do loads of these kinds of books.