Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What is important to you?

I have a lot of books that I have dug into.  I love most of them. HA! 

One thing that I have noticed about myself that it is super duper important for me to know what a character looks like.  It is the first thing I do; explain what my characters look like.  I grantee you, you will know what the hair color is, eye color, height, build, everything.  Down to what they are wearing.  From the word go, you will be able to picture them. 

I am reading Water for Elephants right now.  It is really good, and I'm enjoying it BUT, I'm on chapter 4 and I have no clue what the character looks like.  Its a little agonizing.  However, I have seen the previews for the movie so now I'm just picturing Edward Cullen!  (I don't know if that's good or not)

What is important for you to have in your books? 


Lynda R Young said...

Interesting characters, tight plot, intriguing story. I don't want a whole lot of description--something brief is enough for me--as long as there IS something so I have enough to picture the people and scenes.

Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...

I was watching an interview with JK Rowling once and she said that hers was food. She said she wanted people to always know what the character was eating. Which I totally see becuase you always knew what they ate at every meal. Interesting!!

Lydia K said...

That's important to me. I don't need it totally spelled out, but I like enough ideas (size, hair color, etc) so I can fill in the details,you know?

Ashley Nixon said...

Characters! I do want to know what they look like too, I mean, they hold the book together! I want characters I can fall in love with. Who have the kind of personalities I just want to hang with all day!

That's interesting about JK Rowling! I do agree though. In my books, I try and have them eating dinner where it's possible (they're pirates, lol).

I want to read Water for Elephants! I just think it's weird to have Robert Pattinson as the main character. :/ ???

Stasia said...

Poor RPatz--forever Edward. Of course, he's weeping all the way to the bank! I've got a very clear image of the mc for my current w-i-p. In fact, sometimes I'll see some teenager someplace and think, "she looks just like my character" or "there goes my character." :)

Ruth said...

That's funny. I've never really thought about it, but I'm fine with vague references. Weird.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

I really like to know what the main characters look like. It pulls me more into the story. I hate it when I have no clue what the characters hair color is,or age. It drives me crazy! One of my biggest pet peeves.

I need to read Water For Elephants. I've heard it's so good! :)

Elizabeth Mueller said...

What a fab post you have! I know what you mean. I love to know how the characters look like, too!

What is important to me is to have a good balance of setting and character description as well as internalization and emotion. I especially LOVE emotion so that I can connect with the people in the books!

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D. U. Okonkwo said...

Interesting question. I think first and foremost would be the family tension / family secrets. I tend to work around that. But like you, having a good idea of what the characters look like are important.

Matt Heppe said...

I actually don't want too much description of appearances. I want just enough to create an image in my head.

One problem with too much description is that it takes me out of the book as I attempt to puzzle together the various pieces and the image ends up kind of Salvador Dali.

Sometimes the author will spend a paragraph on description using the old mirror trick. Ugh. A long description of another character will pull me out of the moment.

Both of the above can be fixed with good writing.

What do I look for? The willing suspension of disbelief. I want to be IN the novel. Don't write things that make me say, "No way," and jerk me out of the novel.

Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...

I think the reason why Twilight and Harry Potter are so popular is becuase they describe so completely the characters.

You know that Harry has black messy hair, green eyes and is medium height. SHe says it proubly 80 times in the 7 books. And that Hermionie has fluffy hair and to big teeth and grey eyes. And that Ron has red hair and freckles, hes tall and skinny.

Every character in those books are so real, not "perfect" looking, but real. I love that.