Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for Malfoy

I am a Harry Potter fan.  Mix that with my love for UN understood characters and I am in heaven. 

Snape and Malfoy are some of my favorite characters...(Neville Lonbottom is my absolute favorite, but we well save that for tomorrow!)

The reason I like Malfoy so much is because he is just a product of his raising.  He has a father who is a death eater and has fallen into bad graces with the dark Lord, and it is now completely on his sons shoulders to fix it.   

Yes, he is nasty.   

But under that he is just a scared little boy who is trying to please his father.  

I really like Malfoy!  The boy who played Draco, Tom Felton did an excellent job! 


BREA said...!!! I have written soooo many Draco fanfics its sad. They are always fun little creativity projects when I have a block.

Kayeleen Hamblin said...

I love the misunderstood character, too. I remember reading HP7 and connecting so strongly to Snape. Yes, he hated Harry and Harry's dad, but what were his motives for doing what he did?

TheyCallMeVarmit said...

Malfoy is a good character, and I adore Snape (though, I wasn't a fan until I saw Alan Rickman's portrayal). Yeah, I prefer them over the main trio...probably because of how you described them. Misunderstood...and also because they're sort of tragic.

Great post!

Ruth said...

I believe everyone has a reason they are the way they are. Even the villains. Sometimes I witness people being impatient and rude and wonder what happened in their day. Maybe they've had the worst day ever.

Huntress said...

Put me in the 'love Malfoy' column also.
I feel so BAD for him, the poor guy.
Tom Felton is a total 180 from the character, a real sweetie!