Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is for "Furt"

If you are familiar with the show Glee then you are jumping up and down in your seat right now! 

In the episode Furt, Kurt is getting bullied by a big boy from the schools football team.  He gets shoved into lockers and has his life threatened. 

Five boys go up to the big bullier and tell him to knock it off and they all get beat up, BUT all of Kurts friends go back for more, even tho they get the crud beat out of them. 

Finn, who is Kurts soon to be step brother is having a hard time standing up for Kurt because he is embarrassed that he is gay and he is afraid that it well hurt his reputation. 

BUT, through a series of events and self seeking Finn gives a speech at his mothers wedding (and Kurts fathers wedding, hence almost step brothers) and looks at Kurt and says that he has given them a cute nickname like they do for the couples at school.  So the name "Furt" is born.  Then dances with him because he no longer cares what people think about him, but chooses to stand up for what is right, even if he loses his reputation!

The reason I love this episode is because I love that these boys got beat up and were happy to get beat up for someone they cared about.  It is so Christ like.  That is what Jesus did, isn't it?  He got flogged and nailed to the cross for the bullied.   

As a christian I wish that I saw Christians doing this on TV, instead of being the haughty and religious beings that they are portrayed as.

If my three boys came home with fat lips and black eyes because they were sticking up for the Gay kid who was getting picked on at school I would be the happiest woman on the earth. 

If you haven't checked out this episode, do.  Its amazing.


TheyCallMeVarmit said...

I haven't seen the episode, but I agree with your sentiments about "if my boys...". I agree...I would be incredibly proud of my child if she were to do the same. Will have to check out the episode now.

Trudy said...

I have seen this episode and loved it too. I am with you on the Christians persecuting Christianity! UGH!

BREA said...

Omg <3 Glee...

Vyvyka said...

I haven't seen the episode but I will now. I love your blog. Very stylish

Lynda R Young said...

It is a great episode, and yes it would be great to see Christians portrayed with more love and forgiveness.

Anita said...

This post really hits home for me. And it's sad, because it doesn't just happen w/kids.

I was a volunteer coordinator at my kids' elementary school a few years back and was an official part of the PTA. I had ringside seats to the way the "Christian" mothers were snubbing one very sweet, dependable, and kind woman who really wanted to be a part of the organization. They wouldn't allow it just because she was Wiccan (but they never let her know this, it was all said and done behind her back).

I'm a Christian, but my heart kept telling me that scenerio was so wrong. This was a public school, after all! So I went to bat for her (again, keeping it on the DL ... to this day she doesn't know), going through the bylaws and finding where it said no one could be kept out because of race, religion or creed. It caused quite a stir in the inner workings of our PTA board, but it got them to back off and let her have a spot on the newspaper. A lot of people were angry w/me for that, but she deserved the right to be a part of a state organization and be involved with her kids' school careers.

That was one of the hardest stands I ever made (even my parents were a little upset w/ me taking it, but they came around eventually). I mean, how can you show Christ's love to someone, if you're turning your back on them?

Love this post. Thanks for sharing it! And your blog is gorgeous. ;)

Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...

Anita, thats a great story. Sad, but great.

Its so true that christians are the worlds worst judgers and it shouldnt be that way.