Thursday, March 17, 2011


Research for a book is necessary, and can be really fun. 

I started my book My Stupid Girl with absolutely zero knowledge in the Goth/Emo department.  But after hours and hours of research I can say that I feel like I have a small grasp on the thinking's and ways of people who chose this life style.  I joined a chat room and watched the conversations go back and forth between Emo teenagers and I was surprised at how much love and beauty they saw in the world. 

That was not what I had expected

I could say that I have fallen in love with this style, scenes I have been spending the better part of a year working with it.  Describing it. The way it lookes, fells, smelles.  (yes, style smells....right?)  I have tons of images on my computer, all of them helped me write more accurately (I hope) and helped me visually with my characters that I have fallen so in love with.  

I am fascinated with underdogs.  I always have been.  When I was a little girl I told my dad I was going to adopt a kid with down syndrome when I was older.  I haven't gotten a chance to do this yet, but I still think that I may some day. 
 I love writing about a kid who thinks of himself as less than he is and over coming.  I want to see story's about these kids being more than people perceive them as. 

I like reaching down beyond the surface and creating a character that is real.  I love taking two different people and taking them to places they thought there own abilities would never take them. 

I want my characters to be real.  I want them to make people think about the way they live there life, how they might type cast people.  How they judge people because of there religion and think whether they show Gods love or if they are just condemning. 

I think a lot of times an author doesn't take the time to get to know a characters the way they ought to.  They just write to write, not to connect, create, perfect and fall in love with a character.

Writing is an art, not just a means to make money.  I want to be an artist.  I want to create beauty that people read and I want more than anything for people to believe that my characters are real.  I am convinced of such things.  David is REAL.... (ahem)

How much time do you spend researching characters?  Thank God for google! 


Mariah Irvin said...

Wow, great post!

I totally understand what you mean and think it's awesome that you're so dedicated to your characters.

Angela Felsted said...

David is gorgeous.

I usually only do research if I'm writing about something I have no background in. Which is why I tend to write about the kinds of things I know about. That way I naturally plot out people's personalities in my head while doing laundry or washing dishes.

Love your take on writing. And your pictures are beautiful.

Jade said...

Real characters are the most appealing to me as well. I also enjoy learning about them. One good technique I learned is to keep a character journal. :)
Great post... it inspired me to not be too concerned with success/money when it comes to writing. Enjoyment is necessary in creative activities.

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Yes yes yes! I always root for the underdog, and my characters usually are. Especially in my current manuscript. But I'm all about characters that feel as if they could just step off the page. Great post with fabulous images!

Johnny said...

Johnny *likes* this.

Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...

Yeah! Johnny likes. What a compliment! :)

Courtney said...

Your dedication to your art is inspiring. I enjoyed hopping over!