Saturday, February 12, 2011

First 'EVA' Post

Hi, my name is Aurora.  I am a twenty nine (No seriously) year old woman who is passionate about the written word.  I love to read and, just slightly, love to write more.  I am a sensory author.  In my books you know what everyone looks like, smells like, and sometimes what someone taste like (rawr). 

I am a fantasy lover, but am finishing up a book right now that has zero magic in it, besides the love story, of course.  (More on that book later, trust me, there well be many many posts on it) 

My next book is a trilogy and is a fantasy, it is already completely mapped out in my the fun part!  Writing it! 

So this is my blog about my upcoming books I am publishing.  The next book coming out in the next 3-4 months is called "My Stupid Girl".  I am working on the last chapter now and well send it over to my amazing editor.  (More on her later).  I am excited to entertain you, which is my #1 goal. 

Please, become a follower, and as this is a brand new blog there well be buttons and options added int he next few days. 

Its me, yes I am a girl. 


Tell me, what are you all time favorite books?


amy said...

love it! i had no idea you were a writer. i find you on facebook, and then i find you here, crazy! can't wait to hear all about your book.

all time favorites? way too many, but here goes: david copperfield, jane eyre, any a.w. tozer, the cost of discipleship, anne of green gables series, no compromise, any c.s. lewis.

my blog is to love. come visit!

Tezzie said...

yay!! So exciting that your book is nearing completion :D

My all time faves (most of them aren't exactly 'literary classics', but I read for enjoyment...not to impress ;D) include: The Chrysalids, The Last Canadian, most of the older Ken Follett novels, the Outlander series, the Clan of the Cave Bear series, and anything by Cecelia Ahern...the list does go on, but I'll end it there for today ;D

Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...

I have read a lot of books Tezzie, but I havnt read The clan of the cave bears. I am curious, I may check it out!

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